Phase 1 plant sponsorships
We have added an online store and you can choose the plant(s) you would like to sponsor for the Phase 1 Planting. Professionally Installed and ready for opening day, you will be proud of your donation
Mission Statement
Establish and nurture the gardens for the education, enjoyment and enrichment of all and to preserve Alabama’s unique plant heritage.
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Fallen Tree to Benches

A year ago this week, the Montgomery Botanical Gardens at Oak Park hired Beneath the Bark in Wetumpka to create these beautiful benches from an Oak Tree that fell down

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Board Members are the greatest

Thank you Board Members for volunteering and supervising the plantings. We have the best board members that have worked diligently to see this garden come to full bloom. If you

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Interest in creating the Montgomery Botanical Gardens at Oak Park (MBG) began in the cherished memories of many residents who enjoyed the park during their childhood.

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If your from Montgomery, at some time or another you have been to Oak Park.  Please join us in preserving the heritage by becoming a member.  Many benefits are afforded you and lend a hand in creating a lifetime of memories.


During a recent storm, Oak Park lost one of our 150 plus year old Oak trees. We have partnered with Beneath the Bark who will design some unique benches from this tree. What a wonderful way to recognize, honor and remember a special person or event in your life.

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