Honor the Gardeners of our Past

As spring has arrived and provided much glory in the gardens, I am reminded of the joy gardens bring. This joy is one of the reasons I wanted a Botanical gardens in Montgomery. Something to bring joy to others. My interest in gardens started at the feet of wonderful gardeners. The one who led me to Horticulture was a Grandmother. Learning at her feet , about seeds , bulbs, roots , tubers and that  PH changes the color of Hydrangeas , a favorite lesson. I want others to learn also and know educational opportunity’s that the botanical garden will have can give knowledge to that I was blessed to receive from a Grandmother.
The paths are in for the first garden “The Southern Garden ” and signs installed diagraming the plants for that space, and a Well is ready for irrigation to be hooked up. A greenhouse is being installed as I write this letter. The Southern garden will be filled  with plants right out of your Grandmothers yard.
We want to honor the garners of our past that taught us this passion. To do this the MBG board is installing  a honor marker of granite to be inscribed with names of those who we want to honor. This marker will be installed in the entrance to the Southern Garden. What better way to honor someone who loved you than to build a garden for them.
Contributions can be made to the Montogmery Botanical Gardens at Oak Park by mailing a check to PO Box 2354 ,  Montgomery, AL 36101.
Please join me as I honor my Grandparents The Garrett’s and honor someone special in your life too for the future
joy this lasting gift will give.
Praying and Planting for the MBGs, Ethel Dozier Boykin