Auburn University played football in Oak Park

The turn-of-the-century saw the Oak Park areas as the scene of several skirmishes of regional football teams such as Cumberland University, Sewanee College, Clemson College, Auburn University and the University of Alabama.

One of the most noted of these matches was the Auburn and Sewanee conflict of 1896 with Auburn as the victor, 38 to 6.

However, in 1903 Sewanee claimed victory at 47 to 0. #wareagle #YSR

Perfect Place to Relax

The Board loved seeing a visitor enjoying the beautiful afternoon on our custom made glider on Tuesday.  Both of the gliders at MBG have been sponsored in memory of a loved ones.

Donate to the future of Montgomery Botanical Gardens at Oak Park by purchasing a one of these gliders, replicas of the double wooden swings that existed throughout Oak Park for decades.  You may sponsor a glider to remain in the park or purchase one for your own personal garden.

Irrigation Before and After Pictures

The Montgomery Botanical Gardens at Oak Park was very deliberate when installing the irrigation system for the Southern Garden.  We used over 6460 feet of PVC pipe while installing the system.  We were careful to not trench near our existing trees.  We have grown a tremendous amount in less than a year.  We still need your help in growing.  Please consider a membership or donation to keep our garden growing.

Board members and consultant touring the garden November 2017


Entrance July 2018


Irrigation trenches November of 2017