We are Growing: Oakleaf Hydrangeas

Our Oakleaf Hydrangeas are growing nicely along the Lake Street side of the Montgomery Botanical Gardens at Oak Park.  We have new growth as they are adapting to their environment.

The Oakleaf gets its name from the shape of its beautiful large leaves. These leaves often turn colors of brilliant red, orange, yellow and burgundy in the fall if planted in a sunny location with a little afternoon shade. Plan on visiting us in the fall to see the colors.

We still have several available for sponsorship.  Help us grow the garden by sponsoring today.

Planting Magnolia Trees

Planting day April 20, 2018
Picture July 27, 2018

With the help of the Montgomery Rotary and Saint James Students we planted the magnolias in April.  The leaves turned brown and the trees looked like they were dying.  Our trees went into shock. Fortunately, our trees lost their leaves which is a good sign.  Now we have new growth and the trees are adjusting to their new environment.

Come see them.  If you want to help grow our garden, donate today.

Help us grow this fall

We have the beds ready for planting and need your help.

As soon as the weather cools, the Montgomery Botanical Gardens at Oak Park wants to plant the hostas, ferns and other plants in this bed.  Help us by donating today.

You can sponsor a single plant of your choosing or let us decide for you.

Can’t decide what plant to choose?  We understand, choose the amount you would like to donate and we will choose the plant for you.

MBG during irrigation installation
Same view today