Bear Exploration Center visits Montgomery Botanical Gardens

Eighty Second Graders from Bear Exploration Center planted daffodil bulbs at the Montgomery Botanical Gardens at Oak Park.

Most exciting the students and teachers presented MBG with a $1100 check to sponsor a magnolia tree, 1000 daffodils, and educational programming.  MBG is so thankful to Bear Exploration Center for partnering with us to grow our garden.

Bear is an Alabama Bicentennial School and received a grant to help “Keep Montgomery Beautiful”.  Part of the grant includes the students helping to clean up local parks and donating funds to the Botanical Gardens. The children picked up sticks to help clean up the park.

Maggie Stringer, Board member and Education Chair of MBG, stated “This garden is for our children.  We want them to come get their hands dirty and feel the dirt between their fingers as they plant the bulbs.  Our goal is for them to return in the early Spring when the daffodils are blooming. We are inspiring future gardeners.” She and board members, Heather Davis, Cathy Maddox and Karin Carmichael helped with the field trip.

According to Ethel Boykin, founder and past president of the Garden, “November is the perfect month to plant daffodil bulbs.  We are thrilled to have these wonderful students visit the garden, learn about our environment, and help us grow.”

MBG would like to thank Lowe’s on the Eastern Boulevard for donating the bulbs for planting.  In addition, each student will also receive a bulb with instructions to plant at home.

As the first educational field trip for MBG, WAKA will feature the it tonight at 5 and 6 pm on Channel 8 and at 5:30 on Channel 32.

If you are interested in having your students visit the Montgomery Botanical Gardens at Oak Park, please email your request to

MBG is planting over 2000 plants from 30 different species of Southern trees, shrubs and plants in this Southern Garden.  A full list of plants needed to complete the gardens can be found at

Bear Exploration Center present Heather Davis with $1100 donation
Students picking up sticks as part of their grant to help clean up a garden.
Students enjoying the custom glider made specifically for MBG
Education Chair Maggie Stringer instructing the students on how to plant their Daffodil bulb.
Part of the stick pile the students gathered for MBG.