How Does Your Garden Grow?

Tips to help your garden flourish

Using herbs:

Add mint to bathwater to increase energy and soothe aches and pain.

Dried Rosemary
Dried rosemary sachets in your closet repel insects.

Harvesting Basil
Clip down six leaf nodes below blooms.  This will encourage leaf growth.

Harvesting Dill
Clip fresh leaves at stem as needed.

Drying Oregano 
Cut in the morning after dew has dried. Hang in small bunches upside down. When dry, remove leaves and store in a glass container.

The expansion of the MBG Daylily and Perennial bed is complete!

Dedicated members of the Montgomery Area Daylily Society recently finished the planned expansion of the beautiful bed of daylilies and companion perennials near the entrance to MBG. This official Daylily Display Garden adds color, variety and interest to our developing gardens. Thank you volunteers ! We can’t wait to see the beautiful blooms next summer.