New Signage to be Installed in MBG Soon

A major requirement for a garden to be designated as a “botanical garden” is the provision of educational signage. The signage in the Southern Garden of Montgomery Botanical Gardens accomplishes that requirement and more. While installing signage to identify the plants in the gardens is educational as well as entertaining, signage is also used for various types of recognition. 

Appreciation for the numerous donors, supporters and volunteers that make the gardens possible is illustrated with signage. Affection, respect and memories for both living and deceased individuals is demonstrated with signage in various locations in the gardens that reflect the respective donations and those honored by those donations. For some structures, items or services for which funds have been donated, the signage provides information or history or explanations. 

The Board of Directors through the MBG Signage Committee coordinate the design, materials and size of each sign in the garden to maintain a consistent, cohesive appearance for the signage throughout the gardens. Whether the sign is for a plant/tree, a structure, a service or any other type of support for the garden, each sign is designed to be consistent and to display the information in an attractive, cohesive style. 

A new group of signs are ready to installed in the gardens to provide even more information and recognition. We are excited that soon a sign will be installed under the arch at the entrance to Oak Park identifying Montgomery Botanical Gardens.So all who pass by can recognize the location of the gardens and come in for a visit.  We are also working with the city to plan for street/road signs to be installed to help direct people to the gardens. 

Remember to take the time when you are enjoying the gardens to observe the signage. You will learn to identify the plants and trees that you see and you will also observe the generosity of our supporters as they are recognized on the signs. 

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Part II – Open Mic Poetry – Storytelling in the Gardens

Featuring Local Artists Open Mic

Bluebirds – Sandy Jo Cauthen

This is Part II of the Open Mic Poetry and Storytelling in the Gardens sponsored by the AARP and the Board of Directors of the Montgomery Botanical Gardens. 

Artists arrived with a very broad array of talents. They let their voices be heard and shared their artistry. 

The kick-off performer was Sandra. At the finale, the audience was held spell-bound as they listened to the fantastic storytelling of the Bluebirds by Sandy. You could hear the chirping of the Bluebirds, you could hear the silence!, you could feel the breezes and hear the fluttering of the wings as the birds would fly away, only to return and watch, watch, watch Sandy Jo Cauthen!!!! Everyone was informed, engaged and inspired.