Montgomery Botanical Gardens Offers Garden Photography Class in May

The Montgomery Botanical Gardens will present Capturing Beauty in Your Garden through Photography, on Saturday, May 11 at 10:00 AM in the Wisdom Wood Outdoor Classroom at Oak Park. The class will be taught by Jewell Pitts and will show participants how to set up photo shots to enhance the beauty of plants and flowers found in nature.

Mrs. Pitts is a Montgomery native.  She is a graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana and a retiree of the Alabama Department of Mental Health/Developmental Disabilities after forty years of service.  Her hobbies include tennis, pickleball, and badminton, but her favorite hobby is photography.

Although she has not had formal training, Mrs. Pitts’ years of shooting photographs have graced her with a vast knowledge that she loves to share. She is an avid member of the Capitol City Camera Club, Photogs of South Alabama and Beyond, Alabama the Beautiful, and Wabi-Sabi Photography.

Mrs. Pitts particularly enjoys photographing blooming flowers and loves to share her tips for picture-perfect shots. She will discuss framing shots, light, and color and how they affect the photograph, and other suggestions for getting the most out of the photography session.

Seating will be available, although participants may wish to bring folding chairs for comfort. The class is free and open to the public. Water will be furnished.

Upcoming classes include Attracting Pollinators, taught by Sonya Moore on Saturday, June 8 at 10:00 AM; and Building Birdhouses, taught by Billie Crawford on Saturday, July 13 at 9:00 AM. Please note differing time schedules, due to the summer heat.

Spring is Bursting Out All Over the Botanical Gardens!

The Montgomery Botanical Gardens at Oak Park are truly bursting with colors and shapes.  While the brief blossoms of Spring are showing off along the pathways, now is the time to visit for yourself and take in the breathtaking views. This time of year is also an excellent time to take photos in the gardens of your family and friends or of the magnificent blossoms as they open to the warmth of the sun. 

The MBG Board of Directors have guided the plantings designated in the beautiful garden design by Mrs. Fairlie Rinehart and the dedicated volunteers have prepared the beds and installed the plants. Some of the recent annuals that were planted will grow and thrive through the summer months. But many of the blooming perennials have shorter spans when their flowers are at their peak. So don’t delay your visits to the gardens.

The Azaleas have been displaying their delicate blossoms in many shades of pink, purple, white and still have unopened buds to open soon. The Redbud trees have produced their purple leaves as they develop and their tiny lavender blossoms. The small dogwoods hold their creamy white blooms open to the breeze and the Hydrangeas are just beginning to fill out their large green leaves. 

Bridal Wreath Spirea shrubs drape their long graceful limbs covered in tiny white “bouquets” in a strategically placed row in full view as you walk the pathway of the Southern Garden.  A row of Candy Corn Spirea catches your eye as it exhibits its yellow and orange leaves ahead of its contrasting fuchsia blossoms that will appear later. The numerous plants in the three Pollinator beds compete for the attention of visiting bees and butterflies with their blossoms such as stalks of Snapdragons or feathery Bronze Fennel waving in the breeze. 

The recently replanted circular beds at the entrance show only a hint of what they will display later in the summer and the bulbs are just beginning to leaf out and prepare for later blooming. So put on your walking shoes and come to the Montgomery Botanical Gardens very soon to enjoy the Spring “show” in this beautiful oasis of nature in the midst of urban Montgomery. Sit awhile on one of the new Oak Leaf benches, linger in the Betty Fitz-gerald Biblical Garden to meditate, pray or simply enjoy the view. You will find that yourself refreshed and your mood lofted. 


We regret to announce that the class scheduled in the garden on April 13, 2024,
Physical Therapy for Gardeners, has been cancelled due to the presenter being unavailable. We plan to reschedule this class in next year’s calendar. We hope to see you at the remaining classes for 2024.