Auburn University played football in Oak Park

The turn-of-the-century saw the Oak Park areas as the scene of several skirmishes of regional football teams such as Cumberland University, Sewanee College, Clemson College, Auburn University and the University of Alabama.

One of the most noted of these matches was the Auburn and Sewanee conflict of 1896 with Auburn as the victor, 38 to 6.

However, in 1903 Sewanee claimed victory at 47 to 0. #wareagle #YSR

2 thoughts on “Auburn University played football in Oak Park

  1. This connection may be good for a dual fund raiser of some sort for Sewanee and Auburn alumni and families to support MBG. Actually all of the teams listed above. Maybe tailgate themed or something online. Is there a record of the dates of the games? Photographs? It would be more profitable to not host an event and maybe offer commemorative photos as example of how MBG/ Oak Park has served the community and fans. Now a chance for alumni and fans to support the park. Maybe shoot the information and idea to the alumni associations and bounce off ideas for a way you could do dual fundraiser (they get some and MBG gets some) AND how to reach their alumni.
    Maybe to the football teams or forestry departments have students who could do heavy lifting and service hours. You could have the Iron Bowl competition for donations and competition between Bama and Aub for most funds raised down to the very last second. WINNING team gets a tree planted at Oak Park special to their school. Like the ones at Toomers Corner in Auburn or this article may have an idea for an Bama tree.

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