Blooming Colors Greet You in the Gardens

As you enter the Montgomery Botanical Gardens during these days of May, you will be greeted by bright, cheerful, colorful blooming flowers. In the entrance beds you will see the SunPatiens (Impatiens x hybrida SunPatiens®) thriving and showing off their brilliant scarlet and purple blossoms surrounding pale lavender Pansies. Either direction you turn on the pathway takes you to breathtaking views. To the left you will encounter Hydrangea in full bloom in multiple shades of pink, lavender, blue and white.  If you look straight across the pathway, you will see more blooming hydrangea in deeper shades of blue and pink. And if you turn to your right, your eyes will focus on a delightful sight, the Daylily and Companion Plants Garden in bloom. Some of the very special daylilies that you will see include the Alabama Jubilee Daylily in red-orange; the MADS Queen Bee Daylily in two-toned, regal splendor as well as a marvelous collection of companion plants. The Blue Spires Salvia, the numerous Inpatients, Pansies, Cone Flowers and others blend beautifully with the daylily blossoms and sway in the breeze as pollinators visit their blooms. The perfect blooming time for any flower is fleeting, so to catch them at their peak, don’t delay your visit to the gardens to enjoy the scenery and to rest your mind and body. 
– by Cathy Maddox

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