CCMGA MBG Project Volunteers Focus on Enhancing the MBG Gardens

Led by Chair, Karin Carmichael, the MBG Project Committee members focused on enhancing the Entrance area and the three Pollinator Gardens as spring weather encourages growth of desirable plants and undesirable weeds during their May Volunteer Day. The circular Entrance beds on which the team led by Mamie McLure have worked so diligently are blooming and growing to welcome visitors into the gardens. Their replacing of deteriorated Camellias improved the appearance of the areas beside the entrance and will provide more blooms in fall and winter. The Pollinator Garden #1 team, led by Cheryl McKiearnan, has established beautiful blossoms that invite bees and butterflies to stop, rest and feed along their various journeys through the gardens. Pollinator Garden #2 team, led by Nell Copeland, has enlarged that garden and improved the mix of plants to support pollinators. Tom McLemore leads the team for Pollinator Garden #3 and that team has established clearer boundaries for that garden, refreshed the plants and added more plants to attract our fluttering and buzzing friends as they travel through our gardens. All three of these gardens are certified as Geen Bridges Pollinator Gardens by the National Herb Society. 

The CCMGA MBG Project committee will be installing a bulb and iris garden soon to add to the blooming plants at various times for visitors to enjoy as they stroll through the pathway at different times of the year. They have also pruned all of the numerous hydrangeas throughout the gardens to remove the dead wood and allow the plants to flourish and blossom. The Board of Directors of the Montgomery Botanical Gardens has expressed their sincere appreciation for this dedicated group of volunteers who are key to the beauty of the gardens. The monthly volunteer day at MBG is the third Tuesday of each month and all are welcome to join in to support this outstanding oasis in the midst of urban Montgomery that improves the quality of life for the River Region. 

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