Celebrating Independence Day 2022 for the United States of America

by Cathy Maddox

As the “birthday” of our beloved country, the United States of America, the good ole USA approaches ON July 4, 2022, it behooves us all to focus on the freedoms that were earned for us and the opportunities that we have to enjoy our lives. Among the benefits of freedom that we know personally is the blessing of green spaces in our urban environment that can provide a place of relaxation, peace and beauty amid the chaos of city life. The Montgomery Botanical Gardens in Oak Park is such a space and welcomes us to take a stroll, pause for a while in the shade, get some exercise, learn the names of plants, observe the beauty and variety of God’s creation. All of those opportunities await you in the gardens. As we honor the sacrifices that make our freedoms in America possible today, let us spend some time in the beauty of nature that is possible in a free and peaceful country. May God continue to bless America!

Entrance to Oak Park

One of the cast-iron lions

Visitors enjoying the gardens 

Hydrangea row

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