Charlie “Tinman” Lucas workshop was a wonderful success!

By Marilyn Hobbs

The Montgomery Botanical Garden (‘MBG’) Education Committee sponsored a well-attended workshop on Saturday, June 25, with Charlie “Tinman” Lucas. Charlie Lucas is a self-taught artist from Prattville, Alabama. 

Charlie is also an internationally known artist known for his art made from discarded scraps of metal, old car parts, and twisted wire. Lucas added painting to his collection in the late ’80s. 

This MBG workshop was underwritten by a grant from the Montgomery Kiwanis Club. So the MBG provided this outside in the garden workshop to the public absolutely free!! MBG also provided many tools and supplies. 

MBG’s workshops are open to the public but we really wanted to target teachers for this one. Charlie “Tinman” Lucas loves teaching and helping art teachers and many MPS teachers were in attendance!

More workshops are planned for the future. 

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