Commemorative Plaque Donated by the Rotary Club Dedicated at Montgomery Botanical Gardens

A dedication ceremony was held at Montgomery Botanical Gardens recently to honor the Rotary Club for donating the plaque that provides the history of the beautiful cast iron lions in the gardens. The plaque reads: “In Memory of John Hall Haardt (1901- 1971). The gift of this majestic pair of life-sized cast iron lions was donated by Anton Haardt and Haardt Moses to The Montgomery Botanical Gardens. The Lions were cast by the Robert Wood Foundry circa 1860, and guarded the Haardt home at 44 S  Haardt Drive for more than 50 years. The Lions previously stood at Morning View, the estate of General Mitchell B. Houghton in Capitol Heights. John Haardt was well known for his real estate entrepreneurial endeavors, antique collecting, and his great love of Montgomery. He was active in civic organizations, and served as President of the Montgomery Rotary Club.
Board President, Dr. Tyna Davis, and founding board member Ethel Boykin, thanked the members of the Rotary Club and expressed appreciation for the generosity of Ms. Anton Haardt, daughter of Mr. John Haardt for the donation of the lions. The lions have been restored to their majestic beauty and now guard the terrace at the gardens.  
By Cathy Maddox

Left to right: MBG Board members Mary George Jester, Cathy Maddox, and Dr Tyna Davis, and Rotary Club representatives Richard Cater and Stacia Robinson

Left to right: MBG Board members Fairlie Rinehart, Dr. Tyna Davis, Rotary President Stacia Robinson and MBG Board member Ethel Boykin

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