Congratulations to Dr. Tyna Davis. 2019 Honoree for This is Alabama Women Who Shape the State

Dr. Tyna Davis(center) with Ethel Boykin, Mary George Jester, Dr. Brenda Deramus-Coleman. Jacque Foshee, Fairlie Rinehart, Cathy Maddox, Maggie Stringer, Dr. Deborah Thomas

Dr. Davis lives by her mission, “My mission is, and has always been, to make this world a better place because I was here. Whether it is by big movements or small steps.” We appreciate Dr. Davis’s leadership as President of the Montgomery Botanical Gardens at Oak Park as we are making big movements at the Montgomery Botanical Gardens.

The Montgomery Botanical Gardens at Oak Park is proud of our President of the Board, Tyna Davis and all she has accomplished. Fellow board members Ethel Dozier Boykin, Mary George Jester, Fairlie Rinehart, Cathy Maddox, Maggie Stringer and Jacque Foshee along with  MBG members, Dr. Brenda Deramus-Coleman, Dr. Deborah Thomas, and Warren Davis accompanied Dr. Davis to the Birmingham Club for the luncheon on Thursday, November 14.

It was an honor to share this special day with her.


Agenda with list of all the honorees
Dr. Davis in Birmingham Magazine
Candid shot of the honorees

Pick up your copy of the Birmingham to read about these amazing women.



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