Daylily Society volunteers at the Montgomery Botanical Gardens at Oak Park

On April 17, members of the Daylily Society met founder, Ethel Boykin, at the garden to begin preparing the bed for planting.

The Daylily Society is working with the Park Development Committee to design a gorgeous daylily bed.  This beautiful section will have common and rare daylilies.  In conjunction with the daylilies, several companion plants will be added so the bed will be pretty all summer.

We are closely approaching the optimal time to plant daylilies.  In a few months, we will have a beautiful daylily bed for the public to enjoy.

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MBG President, Tyna Davis, Ph.D. thanking the members of the Daylily Society on their volunteer work in planting the daylily bed.
The daylily bed before the Daylily Society prepared the soil for planting.
The daylily bed is ready to plant


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