Gardens Change with the Seasons

As the sizzling Summer cools down and blustery Autumn blows in, gardens begin to change in color, texture and aromas. Those changes occur naturally and we rely on the regularity of these annual seasonal displays. But garden beds displaying annual plants must be changed by human interaction. 

On Wednesday, November 16, 2022, faithful volunteers of the Capital City Master Gardener Association arrived to remove the waning Sun Patience from the circular beds at the MBG entrance that had provided bright reds and purple blossoms from Spring through the Summer. The beds were prepared and these dedicated friends of the gardens planted tall pink and yellow Snapdragons, circled by a row of Dusty Miller, then rows of lavender Pansies. These sturdy bloomers will provide beautiful, reliable color until time to change the beds again in Spring. Those who performed these seasonal gardening tasks with MBG Volunteer Coordinator, Cathy Maddox, were Karin Carmichael, Lynne Kuhlman, Jane Martin, Nell Copeland, Suzanne Reaves and Mamie McClure.

The Starlite Encore Azaleas are blooming along the entrance leading to the round beds and will provide a pretty entrance until the newly planted beds are thriving. The gardens are also showing off their perennials at this time, especially the Sasanqua Camellias. Those beauties, as well as, the changing colors, the unusually large acorns on the ground and the new pathways are reasons for you to visit the garden in Autumn.

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