Great Class on growing Vegetables in the fall

Mike Forster was full of knowledge at the Montgomery Botanical Gardens at Oak Park class on Saturday.

Approximately 35 people attended the Garden’s educational class on Planning your fall garden.  Mike Forster, master gardener, shared his expertise and experience with our members and friends.  He discussed building raised beds, which vegetables grow well in the fall, and other tidbits to have a successful crop.

Some highlights were:

  •  Build raised beds about 1 foot deep 4 feet wide and 8 feet long.

  • Build your beds East to West.

  • Plant your shorter vegetables on the South side and your taller vegetables on the North side.

  • Squirrels don’t like pinestraw.

Our next class is October 5 at 9 am.  Please consider a membership to be the first to know about our classes. 

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