How Does Your Garden Grow?

Growing Tomatoes

Growing tomatoes, while most popular among gardeners , requires more planning and careful work than any other crop.


  • Plant in a sunny location (at least 6 hours sun daily)
  • Tomatoes need deep fertile loam or sandy loam, but soil can be modified with organic matter, lime and fertilizer.
  • Select varieties listed as resistant to Verticillium wilt, Fusarium wilt and root-knot nematodes fertilizer (“V,F and N”).
  • Add 4 to 6 inches of mulch
  • Prune and support tomato plants. Remove suckers from ground level up to below the first flower cluster. Use cages, trellises or stakes to support plants.
  • Tomatoes are susceptible to fungus and should be sprayed with 8 to 10 inches tall and every 7 to 10 days thereafter.
  • Insecticides may be added to fungicide as needed.
  • Drought-stressed plants may cause fruit to crack. Pick mature green, pink or ripe fruit from drought-stressed plants
Information gathered from Alabama Cooperative Extension System

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