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Rust on Your Canna Lilies

Cannas (often called Canna Lilies) are tropical, large-flowered plants that will add beautiful blooms to your garden year after year.

In warmer climates, canna rust can be a common problem. Rust is a fungal infection caused by the pathogen Puccinia thaliae. It’s not usually deadly, but a severe infection can result in eventual death of the plant. 

When the rust first appears, the affected foliage should be removed and discarded. 

Tips on prevention

Plant your cannas in full sun, with plenty of air circulation. They should not be overcrowded. Avoid planting in shady or poorly drained locations. 

“Rust is hard to treat because it can become fungicide-resistant. For this reason, different products are often used in alternating fashion.”
Nan Schiller, article on

Visit to read more about treating canna rust.

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