June Blooms

June is “bursting out all over” at the Montgomery Botanical Gardens

June is here, and the flora in the botanical gardens is “bursting out all over” as the 1994 song by Rogers and Hammerstein in Carousel said. You may burst into song yourself as you stroll the pathways and enjoy the myriad of colorful blossoms.

The intense reds and purples of the circular entrance beds welcome you to take the pathway in either direction and enjoy the view. Large, fluffy pink and white Hydrangea blossoms greet you in various locations in the gardens and will provide blue blooms soon.

The magnificent specimens of both color, size, and shapes in the Daylily Garden are something to behold. Tall willowing stems with large blooms of intense colors offer you a brief but beautiful view of one form of daylilies. Shorter sturdy stems supporting smaller delicate flowers provide a contrast that only enhances both forms. The variety of hybrids in the garden includes, spider-shaped blooms, ruffled blooms, curled blooms, and two-toned blooms along with colorful companion plants that will delight your eyes and provide you with photo-worthy opportunities. 

The abundant purple blooms of the Chaste Lilac trees among the creamy white blooms of the Magnolia Grandiflora are breathtaking. The multitude of small, colorful blooms in the three Green Bridges Pollinator Gardens with their buzzing and fluttering visitors will bring a smile to your face and your heart. 

All blooms are temporary and other types of blooms will follow. As June passes and July comes into view look for a variety of blooming Crepe Myrtles trees in the gardens as well as the Lime Light Hydrangea in a row along the Forest Avenue end of the garden. 

What a magnificent contribution to the quality of life in our fair city is our Montgomery Botanical Gardens at Oak Park. 

By Cathy Maddox

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