Late Winter Blossoms Hint of Spring

The bright, colorful blossoms that appear in the garden in late Winter, give us hints of Spring’s awakening. Your spirits will be lifted when you visit the Montgomery Botanical Gardens and stroll its pathways. 

The tiny white blooms of Snowbells, the nodding faces of Daffodils of various shades of yellow and white, and the glorious mauve petals of the Japanese magnolia tree will bring smiles to your faces as they greet you. Then the great cloud of vibrant yellow blooms along the limbs of the Forsythia shrubs appear like sunshine in the midst of brown and green around them. 

But perhaps the most impressive specimens are the numerous blooms of the large Camellia bushes. Take time to find the perfect blooms for a photograph. Then note the Loropetalum covered in its bright pink feathery blossoms. 

These beauties will be in bloom only a short time before Spring actually appears, so don’t delay your visits to the gardens. 

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