MBG Daylily Garden Featured

The Daylily Display Garden in MBG was featured in the Spring 2022 edition of the periodical “The Dixie Daylily” which publishes news about Daylilies in Alabama and Mississippi. The article by Therese Goodson told the story of the MBG daylily garden from idea to development through expansion, with photos of each step. Congratulations to the Montgomery Area Daylily Society (MADS) on the article being published. 

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1 thought on “MBG Daylily Garden Featured

  1. Thanks for posting about this article in The Dixie Daylily.

    I am president of MADS, so I am curious when the article appeared. I wrote the article “Creating a Daylily Display Garden in Region 14” for the Spring 2022 edition of the magazine. There was also a Fall 2022 edition of The Dixie Daylily, but no September issue, and the Fall edition does not have any daylily garden articles.

    Just wondering if I missed something!

    Terese Goodson, President
    Montgomery Area Daylily Society

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