MBG is thankful for our wonderful volunteers

With the Thanksgiving Day holiday this week, it is an appropriate time for all of us at Montgomery Botanical Gardens to express our thanks for our volunteers. Without their diligent efforts and faithful service, the gardens would not be the beautiful oasis of nature in this urban area that it is today. 

Master Gardeners from the Capital City Master Gardener Association continue to be our main source of volunteers and they come with a great deal of horticultural knowledge that enable them to help us develop and care for the gardens effectively. Karin Carmichael, a member of CCMGA, chairs the MBG Project Committee that created and maintains the circular entrance beds, the three pollinator beds, the bulb garden, the sensory garden, and also helps in all areas of the gardens. We are grateful for her leadership and the committee members who faithfully do their part. 

Volunteers from other areas of the community are also of great help to our efforts. Recently a very productive group from Goodwyn, Mills, and Cawood arrived with wheelbarrows, gloves and shovels ready to work In a few hours they finished installing the granite ballast stone edging along the pathways and around garden beds to enhance their appearance and prevent erosion. In addition to the edging, they helped with removing limbs and damaged items from the garden, uncovering a sidewalk that had been covered by soil; and digging holes and planting hundreds of daffodil bulbs. This group that was coordinated by Wheeler Crook are very much appreciated by all of us at the gardens. 

Volunteers from the community are vital to the success of MBG. Ethel Boykin, MBG Volunteer Coordinator, will welcome volunteers to perform a variety of tasks that benefit the gardens. Those who are interested in volunteering may visit www.montgomerybotanicalgardens.com and send a message to let us know of your interest. 

The Board of Directors of the Montgomery Botanical Gardens wish a very happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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