MBG Volunteers Enhance the Gardens for Spring and Summer and Increase in Number

Karin Carmichael, Marie Tomlin, Nell Copeland

Master Gardener Volunteers gathered again in the Southern Garden this week to add plants in a variety of locations such as Butterfly Bushes, Fountain Grass, Purple Salvia, SunPatiens. Gardenias, and Pineapple Sage. They also performed some “housekeeping” tasks of deadheading blooming plants, removing depleted plants and generally enhancing the appearance of each planting bed.

The regular volunteers, led by Karin Carmichael, included Lynne Kuhlmann, Jane Martin, Nell Copeland, Marie Tomlin, and Cathy Maddox. They were pleased to have two new volunteers, MG interns, Jane Ficquette and Aiyana Hawkins, both of whom quickly adapted to the various assignments and provided significant assistance. 

Jane Ficquett, MG Intern

Aiyana Hawkins, MG Intern

Montgomery Botanical Gardens at Oak Park serves the entire community and river region and was adopted as an official project of the Capital City Master Gardener Association in 2014. Master Gardeners earn volunteer hours while gardening in MBG. Volunteers are welcome at MBG and do not have to be Master Gardeners. Many hands make quick work and volunteers always learn a great deal while volunteering their time and talents at MBG.  Regular volunteer days are the third Tuesday of each month. You may contact MBG at info@montgomerybotanicalgardens.com to learn more, submit questions or to volunteer.

SUV loaded with plants from the greenhouse headed for planting in the Southern Garden.

The gardens are at their peak in colors and variety now and during the next few weeks. The blossoms of the pollinator gardens are busy serving visiting and local pollinators. Bring your friends, family, coworkers, and your camera and enjoy this peaceful oasis of nature in urban Montgomery. Stroll the pathways or sit on a garden bench to enjoy the view and experience the benefits of this wonderful green space in our city. 

Agapanthus in bloom

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