Montgomery  Botanical Gardens Fall Flower Arrangements from Nature a Huge Success

Bright blue October skies and a lovely breeze provided the perfect atmosphere for the October Montgomery Botanical Gardens Fall Flower Arranging from Nature class which was attended by more than 30 guests. Presenter, Anna Owen, brought pre-prepared arrangements as well as materials gathered from her garden and farm to create a variety of beautiful floral arrangements.

Premade arrangement from containers

The pre-made arrangements consisted of several potted plants and flowers, artfully arranged in vine baskets. Mrs. Owen used different colors and textures and covered her “hardware,”  as she called it with Spanish moss. Most of the plants she used for these arrangements are common summer annuals found in many local gardens.

Premade arrangement from containers

The highlight of the presentation featured “made from scratch” arrangements created from shrubbery clippings, perennials, annuals, wild flowers and a variety of grasses growing on Mrs. Owen’s farm. She artfully clipped and layered them in a variety of containers from bottom to top, explaining as she worked, making the artistry seem as though anyone could achieve such mastery of the art. 

MBG member Maggie Stringer introduces presenter, Anna Owen

Notable in each of the arrangements she created was a variety of shadings of green, different textures and the addition of color to provide contrast. She also told participants they do not have to follow traditional rules of design; rather they should work toward achieving what is aesthetically pleasing and suits the occasion.

New member Shannon Ippolito and Elaine Galt discuss presentation

The class was part of a series of presentations offered by Montgomery Botanical Gardens each month throughout the year.  The 2023 series will conclude with Bulb Planting/Perennials, presented by Karen Weber on Saturday, November 4 at 10:00 AM in the Wisdom Wood Outdoor Classroom.

Classes are free and open to the public. Seating is available in the Outdoor Classroom. For comfort, participants may consider bringing folding chairs. Water is provided.

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