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Karin and Cathy demonstrating potting

Karin and Cathy observing attendees potting their plants

Cathy Maddox, President of Montgomery Botanical Gardens Board of Directors, and Karin Carmichael, former MBG board member and Chair of the MBG Project for Capital City Master Gardener Association, responded to a request from Jackson Hospital to offer a class for their employees. They created an abbreviated, repeating class on Potting Cuttings and Seedlings that was recently presented to three groups of employees who rotated through the class during the noon hour. 

Previously the employees had been provided with cuttings of a variety of house plants to root in water.  They also received information on the health benefits of plants in their offices and homes.  After caring for their “plant babies” for a few weeks, they were anxious to put them in soil and watch them flourish. 

Cathy and Karin described and demonstrated how to properly pot pre-rooted cuttings.  Each employee then selected a pot, placed the soil that was provided in the pot and inserted their cutting.  They were also given handouts with more information and instructions on potting. The 2023 MBG Calendar of Classes and a MBG Brochure were given to attendees. 

Both Cathy and Karin informed the class about the gardens and what a close neighbor MBG is the hospital. The invited and encouraged the class attendees to come to the gardens and enjoy the beauty and peace among the flowers and trees on their lunch hour or on off days with family and friends. They also encouraged them to attend the upcoming class on Hostas on August 12 at 9 am. 

Serving our community in this way is just one of the ways that MBG improves the quality of life for all of the river region.

Attendees potting plants

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