Part II – Open Mic Poetry – Storytelling in the Gardens

Featuring Local Artists Open Mic

Bluebirds – Sandy Jo Cauthen

This is Part II of the Open Mic Poetry and Storytelling in the Gardens sponsored by the AARP and the Board of Directors of the Montgomery Botanical Gardens. 

Artists arrived with a very broad array of talents. They let their voices be heard and shared their artistry. 

The kick-off performer was Sandra. At the finale, the audience was held spell-bound as they listened to the fantastic storytelling of the Bluebirds by Sandy. You could hear the chirping of the Bluebirds, you could hear the silence!, you could feel the breezes and hear the fluttering of the wings as the birds would fly away, only to return and watch, watch, watch Sandy Jo Cauthen!!!! Everyone was informed, engaged and inspired. 

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