Patron Member and Donor Bench and Glider Reception

Montgomery Botanical Gardens at Oak Park dedicates the Oak benches and iron gliders.

On Monday May 13, MBG hosted a reception for our Acorn Patron members and Bench and Glider Donors in the Garden.  Guests enjoyed wine and cheese as they walked through the garden and enjoyed the beautiful and surprisingly cool evening.

Guests were treated to kind words of support from Mayor Todd Strange.  He reiterated his support for the Botanical Garden and told everyone that no vision is too large for the city of Montgomery.

President Pro-Tem and District 3 Councilman Tracy Larkin voiced his excitement and support. Councilman Larkin has been a staunch friend for MBG since the beginning.

President Tyna Davis, Ph.D. thanked everyone for coming and their support and spoke on our activities during National Public Garden Week.  Past President, Ethel Dozier Boykin spoke on the beginning of the Botanical Gardens and thanked all those that have helped us.

National Public Garden Chair Cathy Maddox introduced the families that sponsored the gorgeous benches and gliders in the garden.  She thanked them for their help. The families are:

  • Oakleaf bench given by Kathie and Mac McLeod

  • Oakleaf bench in loving memory of J.T. Anders by Ethel Anders Boykin

  • Acorn Bench in loving memory of Dr. William Barton Crum by the Crum Family Charitable Foundation

  • Glider in loving memory of John and Winifred Borden by the Borden family members

  • Glider in loving memory of our parents by Anonymous

We are so grateful to these families that chose us to honor their loved one. The benches are made from a large oak that fell down during a storm.  The iron gliders are a replica of the gliders that were once in the park.   We have a few more benches and gliders available.     

Executive Director, Jacque Foshee, talked about the future and the exciting opportunity of members participating in our Master Plan.

If you would like to participate in future events with Patron members, please consider joining at the Bronze Acorn Patron or above level.  You can upgrade your Family membership to a Patron level.

Mayor Todd Strange, President Pro Tem Tracy Larkin, Executive Director Jacque Foshee, Vice President Fairlie Rinehart, President Tyna Davis, and Past President Ethel Boykin

Great Grandchildren of Dr. William Barton Crum:
Jack and Salley Boyer (children of John and Elizabeth (Crum) Boyer, Will and Louise Crum (children of William and Laura (Tyson) Crum of Montgomery.

Members of the Borden Family on the glider dedicated to John and Winifred Borden.  
Board Member and Membership Chair Amanda Borden with Mr. and Mrs. Borden

President Tyna Davis

Board members Heather Davis and Kimberly Baker with Bonnie Shanahan
Bill and Marsha Cook with Ethel and Mayor Strange

Board members Debbie Boutelier and Ken Mahan with Mary Helen Mahan


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  1. So thrilling to see this beautification. Remembering my first walk thru The Park with Edith Upchurch when I began working there in 1978; and the many Arts Festivals presented. Care always went into the planning, and it continues today.

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