Lilac Chaste Tree


The chaste tree (Vitex agnus-castus) is a lovely deciduous shrub that bears clusters of purple flowers in the summer. It has uses in alternative medicine for women’s reproductive issues.

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The botanical name assigned to this shrub is Vitex agnus-castus. It is part of the Lamiaceae (mint) family, though some still have it in the Verbenaceae (verbena) family. In addition to chasteberry tree, you may see the chaste tree, Indian spice, hemp tree, Abraham’s balm, lilac chaste tree, vitex, Texas lilac, chasteberry, monk’s pepper or sage tree. The chaste tree will reach a mature size of 8 to 20′ tall and 5 to 20′ wide, maturing into a vase shape. Over time it may become more sprawling, which can be remedied through pruning.