Recognizing our Charter Members

The Montgomery Botanical Gardens at Oak Park appreciates our Charter Members who have supported our vision for a botanical garden in Montgomery, Alabama.  We could not have come this far without your support.

As we plant the Southern Garden, we are evaluating our signage and want to recognize our Charter Members.  Charter Members joined before February 8, 2014.

Please review this list and contact us with any changes or omissions.  If your membership has lapsed, you renew online.

To join the Botanical Gardens visit


Montgomery Botanical Gardens at Oak Park
Charter Members 2/8/2014
Bertha Andrews
Jerry & Roberta Atkinson
Sara & Jere Beasley
Francis Beaulieu
Jim & Lee Beck
Mr. Jim Beck III
Jerome & Cindy Belcher
Wendy Blackmon
Betty Bopp
Lee and Amanda Borden
Ethel and Raymond Boykin
Emily Brown
Charles & Romae Bush
VM Butler
Rebecca P. Byard
Cathy Caddell
George and Linda Carleton
Karin Carmichael
Brian Carroll
Erica Clark
Earline Clark
Heather Coleman
Nancy Cone
Nash Cooley
Nell Copeland
Gail Cotney
Mr and Mrs Thomas Crews
Ruth Davis
Greg Davis – in honor of
Louis Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn Dozier
Nancy Ellis
John & Yvonne Evans
Ami Maddox Evans
Alica M. Fitzpatrick
Mike Forster
Lila Franco
Mark and Eva Lyn Frieden
Barbara Fuller
David Funderburk
Minnie R. Gill
Terese Goodson
Larry Grewelle
James and Amanda Griffin
Reggie and Anne Hamner
Mr and Mrs. Davis and Katie Hartley
Bette Hayes
Fairlie Haynes
Mary Eleanor Hines
Mr. and Mrs. Dustin Holmes
Ira and Wilma Howard
Martha Hughes
Mrs. E.V. Hutcheson
Ladonna Idell
Jimmy & Lucy Jehle
W.F. (Bill) Joseph, Jr.
Ron & Mallory Kelley
Janine Koslofsky
Cary  and Lynne Kuhlmann
Carolyn Love-Doresy
Margaret and Jimmy Lowder
Cathy and Bruce Maddox
Bradley Maddox
Allison Maddox
Kenneth and Mary Helen Maham
Justice and Mrs. Jim Main
Larry and Barbara Manning
Sherry Jane Martin
John Massa
Betty Mathews
Rose McCauley
Bill McLemore
Tom and Sadler McLemore
Mr. and Mrs. Wade McLendon
Katharine McLeod
Gabriel and Suzanna McLoed
Michael McLeod
Harry and Anne McMillan
Duncan & Jeanie McRae, Jr.
Sally Millsap
Temple and Susie Millsap
Rosalind Mitchell
Joan Mitchell
Richard Moore
Tabor and Caroline Novak
William and Lyl Parker
Debbie and Joe Petranka
Al & Virgie Perkins
Natalie Maddox Pirnie
Katherine Pool
Corky and Linda Pugh
Dr. John Pugh
Kate McLeod and Justin Rabideau
Vickie Raney
Jane Richardson
Shelia And Epes Robertson
Mack and Tutter Rogers
Melvin and Jackie Mock Rushton
Elaine M Ruth
Jeff and Susan Samuel
Franky Seamon
Cynthia Seibels
Jane and Jack Shalhoop
Bonnie Shanahan
Dale Shepherd
Cindy Siebels
Sarah Spratling
Young and Suzy Stevenson
Mr. and Mrs. Young Stevenson Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Stevenson
Mr. Herbert Stevenson
Maggie and Clarence Stringer
Neil and Martha Stronach
Gary and Marie Tomlin
Gordon L Trawick
Anna R. Trawick
Diane Vanella
Anita Ward
Bentley Shanahan Way
Eileen Webb
Lisle Webb
Genevieve Webb
Karen Weber
Alan and Diane Weil
Alan Weil
Mrs. Streeter Wiatt Jr.
Barbara Ann Williams
Rupert and Joyce Wilson
Donna Wilson
Irving and Gay Deutsch Winter
Barbara Witt
Becky Woodruff
Catherine Woodson
Anthony and Adrienne Yarbrough
Jo Young




4 thoughts on “Recognizing our Charter Members

  1. I thought when I joined it was for both myself, Bill McLemore and my wife Marianne. If possible, please include her name with mine: Bill and Marianne McLemore.

    • Yes you will be on the list. There were some discrepancies between the handwritten and the computer lists. I appreciate you bringing this to our attention

  2. Please change as follows:
    The McLeod family listings:

    1. Katharine McLeod should be :Kathie and Mac McLeod

    2. Gabriel and Suzanna McLoed should be: Gabriel and Suzanna McLeod

    3. Kate McLeod and Justine Rabideau , remove Justine Rabideau

    4. Michael McLeod is correct

    5. On the mailing list you have us as” Mac and McLeod “, please change to
    Kathie and Mac McLeod or Mr. and Mrs. Mac McLeod.

    Thank you,
    Kathie McLeod

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