Spring Produces a “Coat of Many Colors” for the Gardens

The variety of colors from developing tender leaves, barely open flower buds, fully blooming flowers, and increasing sunshine paint the gardens in a coat of many colors. Among them are the purple tips of the Red Bud; the fragile white bloom of the Dogwood tree; the budding and fully open varieties of Azaleas in white, purple, and lavender; the steadfast remaining Pansies and Violas in shades of purple; lingering Japonica Camellia blooms of red and white; Bridal Wreath Spirea lifting its graceful limbs covered in delicate white blossoms; Sunpatiens in reds and purples; the Candy Corn Abelia dressed in red, orange and yellow leaves; and the barely opening double-blooming Pomegranate. 

From the entrance and along the walking path in the Southern Garden all can enjoy the varieties of colors and shapes and be encouraged by the knowledge that this is just the beginning. More spring and summer blossoms will be returning to the gardens as the weather warms to welcome the valued pollinators and our visitors alike. So, bring your cameras and take your family photos among the colorful gardens or just come to appreciate the scenery. 

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