Spring’s early signs give us hope in the midst of Winter

As we button up our coats or light the fireplace or shiver under the bedcovers, we wonder if Winter is ever going to come to an end and when will Spring arrive with its promise of brighter, warmer days. Well, we are encouraged after spending time in the gardens this morning. 

Forsythia blossoms

The Forsythia shrubs actually have already produced a few yellow blossoms, the Japanese Tulip Tree has buds that are close to bursting open with their deep pink blooms, and a variety of green shoots are popping through the pine straw with promises of lilies, irises, and snow bells to come soon.

Buds of Japanese Magnolia; green shoots from bulbs

You don’t need to wait until spring to enjoy the many attributes of this beautiful space.  There are lots of nature’s beautiful treasures to experience even in the winter. You can experience the stark beauty of an aged deciduous tree against a blue sky or watch numerous birds flitting among the trees and plants or observe the waning blossoms of a variety of Camelias. So come for a walk in the gardens, or a peaceful rest on one of the benches or take some photographs of the various lovely garden areas with your friends and relatives who are with you. When you are in the garden, take time to notice the many, but small signs that Spring is coming and take heart!

Karin and Ann laying stone edging

Our wonderful, dedicated Master Gardener volunteers, Karin Carmichael and Ann Hamill, added more granite stones to edge a Pollinator Bed. The stone edging enhances the appearance of the gardens, designates specific areas, and helps to prevent erosion.  

MBG Pathway through the garden with deciduous tree and blue sky

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