Strategic Plan and the future

Renowned botanical garden consultant, Rick Daley, just completed his third visit with the Board of Directors. He met with citizens, members, neighbors and community leaders while in Montgomery.

“I am genuinely impressed with progress of the Garden, the leadership, and the City’s support. The
Garden can be a transformative institution for Montgomery and is laying a strong foundation to play a critical role as a cultural, educational, and scientific institution of the first order.” Rick Daley, founding partner, EMD Consulting.

The Board of Directors and Rick Daley toured the installation of the Montgomery Botanical Gardens. Board President, Heather Coleman Davis, stated Rick’s vast experience and knowledge of all aspects of creating and managing a botanical garden have been a tremendous help in honing our plan and helping us be efficient and prioritize our next steps.

Read more about Rick Daley here.

Our next step is to commission a Master Plan which will include plans for the design and type of gardens, traffic flow, infrastructure, and parking. If you would like to contribute or learn more about the Master Plan, please contact Jacque Foshee, Executive Director, at 334.462.0434.

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