Tomato Growing Demonstration Friday, May 17

Tomato Sunshine on the Vine 

Friday, May 17 at 12Noon

Outdoor Educational Classroom

Montgomery Botanical Gardens at Oak Park

Hosted by Dr. Elijah Pugh


Come enjoy a discussion on growing tomatoes from seeds and from plants, in pots and in the garden, from 55 days to 80 days to gemination and to heights of 8 inches to heights as long as vines.  Last year Dr. Pugh planted Mr. Stripey, Red Robin, Dr. Carolyn, Sun Gold Hybrid, Sunsugar FT Hybrid, Big Red Dwarf, Snow White, Lemon Cherry VFF Hybrid, Green Doctor, Black Cherry, Red Rose, Sugary, Red Pear, Sweet Gold FT Hybrid and Limmony.

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Mr. Stripey

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