Volunteer Recognition Reception in the Garden

June Cyrus, President of Montgomery Federation of Garden Clubs; Montgomery Area Daylily Society members, Oliver Billingslea, Therese Goodson, and Jane Martin

A glorious spring morning greeted the volunteers as they arrived at the MBG Lion Terrace on Tuesday, May 17, 2022, for the event planned in their honor. Soft music played, chairs were arrayed, and displays and refreshment tables were prepared. The Events Committee members, Cathy Maddox, Maggie Stringer, Sallie Finney, Beth Wicker, and Ethel Boykin planned and coordinated the reception to acknowledge the many hours of volunteer work provided and to express gratitude on behalf of the Montgomery Botanical Gardens Board of Directors.

Dr. Tyna Davis, MBG board president, opened the event with a warm welcome and expressed her thanks to the volunteers acknowledging that there would be no botanical garden without the volunteers. MBG Founder Ethel Boykin reviewed the history of MBG and expressed her gratitude for the volunteers also. Cathy Maddox explained the volunteer program and its progress over the years and then began the presentations to recognize their work.

Certificates of Appreciation were given to all 157 volunteers. Garden aprons featuring the MBG logo were presented to the volunteers who are members of the committees who consistently serve as volunteers for MBG. They are the members of the Capital City Master Gardener Association MBG Project Committee, the members of the Montgomery Area Daylily Society, and the members of the Montgomery Federation of Garden Clubs. Additionally, 15 elite volunteers who have faithfully come, from the beginning of the gardens and continue year after year to heed the request for help were given a very special token of appreciation. A car coaster bearing the green MBG logo was gifted to those special volunteers so they can be reminded of the board’s gratitude whenever they are in their cars.

Refreshments for the attendees included beautiful acorn-shaped cookies iced in brown that were presented on lovely tables arranged by Sallie Finney and Sadler McLemore. Parks and Recreation staff were very helpful in preparing for the event, assisting with the equipment, and removing the furniture afterward. 

Capitol City Master Gardeners Marie Tomblin, Lynne Kuhlman, Justin Skipper, Karin Carmichael, Tom McLemore and Jane Martin

Volunteers Mike Forster, Sallie Finney, Fran Carpenter, Shap Ashley, Billie Crawford and Warren Davis

Kappa Lambda Chi military fraternity members Gregory Moore, Sr, Vershone Graham, Orlanda Andrews and Leon McCord, Jr.

Watch the reception videos here:

Part 1
Part 2

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