Donor Wall

These people have contributed to the first Phase of the Montgomery Botanical Gardens at Oak Park. Their contribution has directly impacted our fundraising efforts to break ground on the first Phase of the garden. Phase One of the Gardens will be established this fall. At our garden reception these people will be honored there as well.

Bill & Marianne McLemore

Dr. & Mrs. CMA Rogers

Elizabeth Crum

Carolyn Sasser

Laura Crum

Carrie Rhodes

Josephine Eskridge

Melinda Crosby

Robert & Heidi Lee

Lyl Parker

Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Lowder

Mrs. mary S. Dunn

Minnie Lee & Richard Gill

mark bullock

sabel family foundation

crum family charitable foundation

central alabama community foundation mary katherine archiabald blount fund

mr. & mrs. jimmy jehle

mr. & mrs. raymond boykin, jr.

ms. cathy l. caddell

mr. & Mrs. Dick Hodges

bruce & cathy Maddox

fairlie & bruce rinehart

william & lyl Parker

mr. & mrs. David Funderburk

tom p. & jean A. chapman

maggie & clarence stringer

dr. tyna d. & mr. warren l. davis, III

barbara t. fuller

jacque s. foshee

mrs. karin g. carmichael

heather coleman davis

lee & amanda welch borden

mr. john sanders

janine koslofsky

ellen dempsey

Pamela h. long

h.r. howell

john & josephine foshee

james & carol loeb

judkins blount

beverly broach

ridgefield garden club

margaret cully

in honor of mrs. james hancock's birthday

streeter & leigh wiatt

sara beck

in honor of mrs. elizabeth (mimi) thompson

a&c construction company, inc.

hayes s. hill

frank & rose winkler

jack & susan noble

sallie w. millsap

jere & sara beasley

j.d. mason

in memory of rupert wilson
by joyce wilson

in memory of sam & juanita mott
by Randy & jean martin

becky brooms

in honor of laurie weil & tommy wool
by phil & virginia butler

in memory of loyce fallin morgan
by molly & brandon stone

in memory of olene edwards davis
by brandon & molly stone

in memory of harvene watterson mcMahone
by Brandon & Molly Stone