When life gives you lemons, it is time to make lemonade

If you are a gardener, you will understand that when a certain area of your “garden” exhibits problematic conditions, it tugs at your thoughts until you determine a way to either correct the conditions or take advantage of them. Well, our valiant Master Gardener volunteers have just done that! 

You may be aware of an area to the right of the MBG entrance along the pathway as you turn right toward the Daylily Garden, that remains wet most of the time. It was thus not planted and was not contributing to the beauty of the gardens. The Master Gardeners who comprise the CCMGA MBG Project Committee decided to use the fact that the area was wet and created a planting bed for blooming plants that thrive in those conditions. 

On the day before the volunteers had scheduled to begin to build this planting bed, a huge Sweet Gun Tree fell from a storm right across the pathway near the wet area. So work was delayed until the tree and debris could be removed with the help of Mr. David Card, Director of Montgomery Parks and Recreation Department. 

Once work began, led by Committee Chair, Karin Carmichael, the bed was completed in a day. Twenty- five bags of garden soil provided the base for planting Louisiana Iris, Canna Lily, and Hidden Ginger.  Others who assisted included Mamie McClure, Nell Copeland, Jane Martin, and Cathy Maddox. Plans are in the works to lengthen and widen the bed and to plant an Amaryllis bed in another area of the established beds. 

With the addition of the “wetland” garden, additional bulbs in the gardens, the colorful entrance beds, the pollinator gardens, and the Daylily Garden, MBG is bursting with color.  Thank you to our volunteers.

By Cathy Maddox

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