Wreath Making Class was fun and warm

Maggie Stringer making a wreath from a vine

Maggie Stringer started the Wreath Making class at the Montgomery Botanical Gardens at Oak Park by winding a long vine around itself.  She is superhuman and shared her expertise on wreath making and herbs.  Mrs. Stringer suggested using muscadine vine and wrap in one direction.  She uses woody hearty greenery from her yard.  Rosemary is one of her favorites to give to people because it is the herb of remembrance.  People do remember better when they smell rosemary.

She started stuffing pieces of rosemary into the wreath going in one direction.  Once you are finished you can add a bow.  She suggested you can mist it to keep it alive but it does dry well.

MBG had about 20 individuals brave the weather for the class. We met in the greenhouse that the volunteers painted for us on Thursday.  The temperature inside the greenhouse was a balmy 70 degrees.

These ladies got to take a wreath home.

Please join us for our next class.  We are planning our next classes now.  Please email info@montgomerybotanicalgardens.com if you have any class or activity suggestions.


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  1. Wow—I somehow missed this! How long does it typically take to make a wreath? Is it costly? Are the resources mentioned (e.g muscadine vines) easily accessible or easy to grow in order to make them? Thanks!

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